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Becoming the Best

Continuing Education

     We at New Revelation Technologies LLC are on a quest, that quest is to become the best that we can be. In order to achieve our goal we know that education is key. To be licensed as an electrician in Nampa, Idaho and most states there is a requirement of continuing education. Our electrician in Boise area choose to exceed the state requirements by continuous over continuing education .


     We have just opened the doors to our electrician in Meridian service operations and are rapidly rising to the top. We attribute our successes to having fun and loving what we do!

  We have chosen to send a journeyman with an apprentice on every call. The benefits of this far exceed the higher hourly rate. Most of the time the over all bill is less because it is so difficult for one person alone to perform so many of the tasks involved in electrical work. Therefore it cuts the time  in half on average. 

     Another benefit is that we can train and bring up the future electricians in a manner that exhibits integrity.

     Two service techs can hold each other accountable for the quality of their work and to the highest standards of integrity and service.

     The final benefit we will mention is that both techs have sworn to remain busy. If the tasks to perform require only one set of hands  the other will prepare the departure, saving time. With more idle time more work will be done. The idle tech will perform regular maintenance tasks until which time the initial job is complete or the billing cycle time expires. So you get the best of both worlds!!


                                      Mission statement

      To serve our community with integrity striving for improvement in all that we do!




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