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We are Holding ourselves to the highest level of commitment, ethics, and professionalism.



We are committed to providing the best service. We are committed to our customers and providing for their needs. we are committed to growth in our industry and our education. 

Ethics and Professionalism


Is our commitment to You!

About Our CEO, an electrician in Nampa,

The Year is 1987

"RAM chips felt like a new concept. I remember the first 1 meg chip. I was on the design team at Micron.  When I began we were working on the 256k DRAM. The idea of the Dynamic RAM is the memory cells are made up of an array of capacitors. Now we were venturing into SRAMs (static Ram). The Memory here is Transistor based. The advantage of the SRAM over the DRAM was really based on the fact that the DRAM has to have a circuit just to recharge the capacitors. The transistors do not need recharged. They are basically switches. I guess you could say it's a very complex motor control circuit sort of.. 

In 1994

I expanded into the building trades in 1994. As a journeyman electrician I found myself being called for the most pristine jobs. I was called out to jobs all over the United States and at one time held licences in 12 different states.  

New Revelation Technologies LLC

     In 2012, as a electrician in Nampa, I took my Master's and contractor's licence testing. That was the birth of New Revelation Technologies LLC. As a new contractor doing electrical service in Boise and surrounding area, I found that there was a need for an electrician in Boise that had integrity.

     The diverse path that my career has taken leads me to only one conclusion. I have been led through diversity with the purpose of being able to better serve you.