Have you ever thought about the world before electricity? The era we are living in, significantly necessitates the use of electricity. Can you imagine living in the absence of those significant electricians who keep up the flow of electricity in every part of residential and commercial usages? 

In case you’re considering becoming an electrician, however, considering other trades, at that point, read on to find out the best reasons why you should become an electrician today.


Statistics issued by the Bureau of Labor indicates an increase of 20% in the number of jobs intended for electricians in the period of 2012 -2022. This indicates expansion from 583,500 – 698,200 – an increase of 114,700 new jobs. This is almost double the 11% increase projected overall occupations during a similar period. Along these lines, it indicates, there are new opportunities for electrician Nampa and electricians in other states.

Great Pay

When comparing with typical workers, skilled electricians can get higher wages, incorporating the individuals who work in other constructions trades. The data collected in 2012 revealed the median pay for electricians $49,840 year. When compared to the median pay of all workers in America, it turns out to be 43% higher, in comparison with others. 

When contrasted with the median wage of construction trade workers, all in all, it still turns out to be 28% higher. The data revealed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the median pay intended for construction trade was $38,970 year. As indicated by the BLS, the top 10% of electricians got over $82,930 a year.

Physical Activity

If you are one of those who do not like sitting throughout the day, you want to stay active, and in case, you do not want to stick with a screen and a keyboard, at that point, becoming an electrician could work out for you. However, that doesn’t mean you need to go the other way. Relishing physical activity does not have to drive you towards a profession as a fitness coach or a competitive athlete.

Functioning as an electrician allows you the possibility to go around, stroll, stand, squat, climb ladders and do considerably more. All things considered; you do not need to sit for quite a long time.

In Great Demand

There is a constant deficiency of skilled and trained employees in the construction trade industry, which implies new opportunities are bound to be offered consistently. The requirement for a highly skilled and trained electrician has had consistently high, and this requirement is relied upon to increase constantly because of the continuous increment of new, environmentally friendly energies being used.

Job Growth

As indicated by national research, the requirement for electricians will increase in years to come. An increase by 14% is anticipated in the number of electrician jobs in the US in the middle of 2014 – 2024 — a percentage that is altogether higher contrasted with the 7% increase for all professions throughout a similar period.

Diverse Opportunities

There is an option to work independently, as self-employed contractors, or for bigger organizations that offer prominent employment security intended for electricians. According to the report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the data collected in 2012, which revealed that 9% of electricians were self-employed. These people commonly operate as residential electricians and have the opportunity to set their own hours. 

Other electricians work in a range of conditions, with 61% working for bigger contractors according to the data collected in 2012. As per the report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, electricians employed in factories have the most constant job opportunities.

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